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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Florida Hard Money Helps Realtors Close More Deals!

Attention all Florida Realtors:
How many more deals do you think you could close in a month if you had a source to send those deals that you know for sure are not going to meet conventional Fannie/Freddie/FHA guidelines? Even if your answer is only one, imagine what that one extra closed deal a month times twelve months could do to your yearly income potential. Now I am going to be completely honest, I am NOT going to be able close every customer you send my way. You and I both know though, that any additional closings in todays current economy is a good thing. Your customer is not always going to be Vanilla or Chocolate or ABC or 1+2=3. This is where Florida hard money comes into the picture and is able to take that not so promising transaction and turn it into a win/win transaction for the both of us. Sometimes, you may have that customer that may not have all the liquid assets required to bring the neccessary cash to close. On the other hand, he may plenty of free and clear investment properties that we can cross-collateralize with the property that he wants purchase and bring the deal to the closing table. At the end of the day, it can never hurt to have another source to send those Florida hard money deals to. Check out what we do at or contact me at 813-314-2245 or email me at

Hard money available to purchase or refinance investment properties in Florida!

Are you wasting your time trying to purchase an investment property with conventional financing? The answer in most cases is YES! What are your benefits? There are really only 2 benefits; Higher Loan-To-Value (Loan Amount) and Lower Interest Rate. Now what happens 45 Days later when Lender ABC says" Sorry, but because of BLANK (insert your own lame excuse), we are not going to approve or fund this loan". Now you being the savvy investor that you are, just wasted 45 days for nothing. At this point, those 2 previous benefits do not really exist. So now, you are either going to lose your down payment or scramble to find me, so I can work a miracle and get you a Florida hard money loan. Do yourself a favor, come to me in the beginning and save yourself the time and stress.

When you are trying to purchase a bank REO or get a short sale approved, wouldn't the benefit of quickly having a loan commitment in hand give you an advantage? That is what I do. There are many benefits to hard money loans. The most important benefit I offer you is TIME. Being a savvy real estate investor is all about timing. Its about scooping up that amazing deal on a property quick and moving on to the next on. The last time I checked, waiting 30-45 days for a loan approval does not give you the upper hand. I prefer to do it in 7 -14 days.

Not only that, I provide you flexibility, creativity and outside the box thinking. When was the last time Lender ABC gave you a solid, creative, outside the box solution to get your loan approved (you are probably looking at your left or right hand right now trying to count the times). Maybe you do not have enough liquid assets to purchase a property, but you do have another investment property that you could cross-collateralize to get the loan done. When has conventional Lender ABC done that for you? Thats right, NEVER!

If you are in fact a smart and savvy real estate investor, I urge you to contact me for your next Florida hard money or equity based real estate loan. It never hurts to have more options! To learn more about what we do, go to or contact me at 813-314-2245.